Grievance Committee

In order to address the grievances of students which are not taken care of by the normal available channels, a separate "Students Grievance Committee" is constituted as follows:

                                                                                                                                                        Mobile No.

Prof. P.K. Chopra, (Chairman)                                                                                                 09350023027

Mr. Shashank Sahu                                                                                                                  09868301375

Ms. Seema Garg                                                                                                                       09250740622

Ms. Anupama Sharma                                                                                                             09868450322

Mr. Vivek Kumar Pansari                                                                                                         09868666480

Mr. Aditya Pratap Singh                                                                                                           09958883636


The concerned student should contact any member of committee, preferably in writing, about their grievance so that suitable remedial action, if required, may be initiated by the committee. It is expected that this will help maintain a positive, harmonious and conducive atmosphere in the college.


Grievance Registration