First Year Activities




Like every year this year too Anti Ragging Campaign began with a meeting of Director with All HODs and launching of air balloon with Anti Ragging Message above college complex. 

KIRAN  Anti Ragging awareness among senior students began with KIRAN (Kaho India Ragging Aur Nahin) program. The proctor of the college addressed all 2nd, 3rd & 4th year students between 19 July 2018 to 24 July 2018 mentioning ills of the ragging and provision of strict punishment to be awarded if one is involved in any incidence of ragging. Various provision of ragging as laid down by UGC/AICTE were explained. Video clips available on UGC site were also shown to all students. Students were also educated on ills of drugs. 


Talent search program for first year students

A full day program for all first year students was held under supervision of Proctor, Dean Hostel and other faculty member. Senior 3rd & 4th year student members of Discipline Committee and other senior students of various cultural society were present. Students were engaged whole day with College Band Euphony, Dance Society Taal, Dramatic Society Goonj and Fashion Society Verve etc.



As per guidelines laid down by AICTE/University a three week induction program was planned for all first year students wef. 25 July to 14 Aug 2018. Following daily activities were performed as per a well planned time schedule.

1. Physical Activity : PT was carried out in small size squads of 30 students. Each of the squad was being surprised by faculty counselor under a well trained PT teacher daily separately for girls & boys. A combined PT session was done as on 12 Aug 2018.

2. Human Value Classes    Each section of first year students of class size of 60 was taught Human Value aspects by selected faculty counselor qualified on Human Value and Professional Ethics Course conducted by the university.

3. Creative Art Sessions    First year students were segregated depending on their choices of activities and were allotted to their respect activity group for sufficient numbers of periods for conducting of Creative Art Sessions.

4. Literary and Proficiency    First year students were subjected to literary activities such as reading, writing, debating activities in their respective counselors periods. They also discussed with students to make them familiar with English, Computer common applications such as Power Point, Words and Excel sheet etc.

5. Lectures by Eminent People    Multiple session of guest lectures were planned and conducted by eminent people on subjects of importance to make them handle any adverse situation. Each students was addressed in groups by following speakers on topic shown below:-

Shri. Aman Chaudhary - Motivational Talk

Rear Admirar Brijesh Jhang - Time & Stress Management

Col. T. P. Tyagi  - Nationalism

Dr. B. K. Chandra Shekhar - Stress Management Psychology

6. Visit of local Areas     All students were made to visit college Faith Centre and various departments. They were also given virtual tour of the college facilities and other departments by senior students of societies.

7. Familiarization with industry and innovation    All students in groups were addressed by the General Manager of AKG Skill Centre/TIFAC CORE on various industrial collaboration / MOU existing in the college. These were conducted across all 10 skill centres such as Labview Academy, Industrial Robotics Training Centre, BOSCH Rexorth Centre, JANATICS Industrial Pneumatics Knowledge Centre, Siemens Product Lifestyle Management Centre, AIA Competence Development Centre, FRONIUS Advance Welding Technology & Research Centre.

8. Games    All first year students were made to attend games period from 4-5 PM daily and were to play/watch at least one  game of their choice under an assigned coach.

Other Activities Beyond the scope of topic as mentioned Anti Ragging and Anti Drug Poster making competition was planned on one afternoon on 30 Aug 2018 for all first year students. Selected award wining posters were displayed in college archive in induction programme.  

Feedback Obtained    All students were asked to provide feedback on the conduct and quality of the induction program. A few comments made by most of the students were as “ It was great. Got a chance to explore myself and learned new things, Excellent, It was good and well organized, Nice it was awesome, it was good & very helpful for me, It was very good etc.